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Revive & Thrive

The whole body approach to core strength.

Pelvic floor exercises and Kegels are merely a fraction of achieving a functional, strong pelvic floor and core. For many of us we've been practicing pelvic floor exercises for months or even years, and growing weary of them. The moment you stop, you sense that things deteriorate. Alternatively, the exercises might not seem effective at all, or you could be fearful of worsening your condition by doing them. You are far from alone. 


I am here not only to guide you through understanding the mechanics of the pelvic floor but also to enlighten you about how remarkable and vital this muscle group is for your entire body.




Holistic Pelvic Core classes offer a supportive, functional, and thoughtful approach to enhancing core strength and overall well-being. Classes address prevalent concerns like:


  • Weakened pelvic floor

  • Incontinence (both urgency and stress-related)

  • Abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti)

  • Persistent discomfort in the back, hips, neck, and shoulders


These issues can all trace back to a weak core and poor management of internal pressure, forcing the rest of the body to compensate.

The holistic approach is designed to counter and improve these symptoms, by including the following in each class:

  • Techniques for appropriately managing intrabdominal pressure to prevent bearing down. This even includes how to cough correctly.

  • Learning how to connect with different body regions

  • Pelvic floor-friendly full-body conditioning routines with proper execution guidance.

  • Breathing exercises

  • Meditation & Mindfulness


  • Individuals seeking enhanced core strength.

  • Postnatal recovery, regardless of the time elapsed since childbirth. (Although you must be cleared to exercise at your 6 week post birth check up) 

  • Peri- and menopausal individuals

  • Those grappling with chronic pain due to muscle weakness.

  • Individuals with incontinence and pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction

  • Anyone aiming to re-establish a connection with their body and reinvigorate weakened core muscles.


Our comprehensive methodology not only boosts your core strength but also elevates your overall health. You can experience relief from discomfort in your back, neck, and shoulders, along with better bowel patterns, fewer urgent trips to the restroom, improved posture, and an uplifted mood – all while feeling internally robust and balanced.




To begin, I will send you an online health form. On receipt of your form I will then reach out to you to schedule a 45-minute one-on-one online assessment via Zoom (£40) to discuss your physical health concerns, goals, and any queries you might have. Depending on your circumstances, I might recommend consulting a specialised physiotherapist for an internal assessment of your pelvic floor. This might sound daunting, but based on my personal experience, I can assure you that it's the most effective way to gain an accurate understanding of the situation. Armed with this knowledge, we can initiate the healing process.

Once these steps are completed, we will proceed to book you into a class. Your first class trial will cost £6, following which you can purchase a bundle of classes to utilize at your convenience within a six-month period.


The time has come to break the silence and share our stories about our core and pelvic health. Enrol in our Holistic Pelvic Core class today, where empowerment will unleash the strength within you.

If you are interested in our Pelvic Core class or would like to know more please contact us below.

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